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Chinese-Style Okra

Posted by liz at May 26, 2001

Source: Cookin' Dad - Member posted 03-26-2001 09:53 PM

I was at the Taiwanese vegetable market the other day looking for a green vegetable to go with my Chinese orange beef dish. As I was about to buy another type of vegetable, the vendor, who happens to be a very good cook, suggested that I buy okra. I told him that I make excellent fried okra and that is the ONLY way I eat it (have loved that stuff ever since I was a little boy). Well, folks, this vendor basically told me that I should try Chinese-style okra at which point I asked him how it is made. He responded by saying it is boiled. I told him that that method is totally gross (I still have vivid memories of the things my father used to compare boiled okra to.) However, he told me, the trick is to BOIL IT WHOLE without cutting it, then dip it in a simple, but delicious sauce This recipe is really good and my kids and wife loved it. You probably think I'm pulling your leg, but I'm not. I'll definitely make this again and I'm sure you will like it if you are willing to try it.

About 1 pound okra, or less - DO NOT SLICE!!!
1/3 cup Chinese soy paste*
1/2 garlic clove, finely minced (I used garlic press);
    you can use 1 whole clove if you really like garlic

*A little like soy sauce, but lighter and more viscous; should be available in most Oriental grocery stores.

Mix sauce ingredients together about 1/2 hour before using. Please note that you will need to dilute sauce with a little water (1 to 2 tablespoon should do the trick).

Boil okra until tender (for about 3 minutes). Cool briefly, dip in sauce (like you would using potato chips and chip dip) and eat. This is simple and really tasty.

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